We officially started the Multiplier Events of our outdoor project – Challenge Up! – “The 30 Days Journey”🎉🏞. The participants had a chance to try the brand-new application and start the outdoor challenge. We choose the ISAR as a perfect place to be outdoors and active and we are highly recommending this location to any outdoors enthusiast.🎉🤍
During the event, we presented the safety measures that were created during the training and Germany and guided them through the outdoor activities. Our outdoor mentors took an extremely important role in this event since they had prepared practical examples and games.
The project results are ideal for curricular-led outdoor learning or forest school-type activities. The study reports that outdoor education students experienced increased standardized test scores, enhanced attitudes about school, in-school behaviour, attendance, and overall enhanced student achievement.
It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, but spending time in nature makes you feel happier.
If you want to get into any activity to spend more time outdoors check out the website: https://www.outdoor-project.eu/


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