The project “The European Union – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” aims to raise awareness of the history of the European Union and to show the benefits of EU membership, especially for young people. Thanks to the participation of organizations from countries with different experiences of European integration (Italy – founding member), Poland (member since 2004), and North Macedonia (candidate country), young people will learn about different perspectives of integration and approaches to the Union itself.  What is equally important, our actions will not take place in large cities but in smaller locations, so we can reach people who have limited access to information.

A number of actions are planned under the project: 3 events entitled “EU Festival” in each partner country with debates; table discussions; European workshops for young people; the European Union knowledge contest and the presentation of youth works.  In addition to young people, representatives of all partner countries, external experts, local authorities, lecturers and seniors will participate in the meetings.

A conference summarizing the project will be held at the end of the project. The works prepared by young people in the “I-European” competition will be the primary result of its implementation. All works will be translated into English and presented on Internet websites. Winners of individual competitions will go abroad to specific events with partners.  In addition, a brochure summarizing the project will be produced at the end of the project. It will be sent to the most important people and institutions of culture, local authorities, politicians, etc.

You can find the full report at the following link:


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