2022 Highlight Part 1

Another successful year is behind us.🌟 As a young and driven organization, we achieved more than we expected! 3 years ago, we have sent around 80 youngsters on project mobilities and this year we are having a record number of 256🏆youngsters who went abroad to learn, travel and have new cultural experiences. 🙋‍♀️👩‍💻🧑‍🎓🧑‍🏭👩‍🏫
We cooperate with organizations from Poland🇵🇱, Lithuania🇱🇹, Hungary🇭🇺, Greece🇬🇷, Spain🇪🇸, Czech Republic🇨🇿, Slovenia🇸🇮, Sweden🇸🇪, Romania🇷🇴, Turkey🇹🇷, Estonia🇪🇪, the UK🇬🇧, Germany🇩🇪, Portugal🇵🇹, Italy🇮🇹, Bulgaria🇧🇬, Serbia🇷🇸, Croatia🇭🇷, Norway🇳🇴, Azerbaijan🇦🇿, France🇫🇷 … with another record number of 58🏆 youth exchanges and training courses.
We have 2 new projects approved as project coordinators, 4 new projects as project partners and countless mobility projects.💯
We cannot promise in detail what the new year will bring to our YOB family, but what we definitely know is that we will have a lot of work, endless opportunities and most of all great time. 🎉
Success rarely happens overnight. It usually comes after years of hard work, learning, growing, and, yes, failing.
Thanks to all of our youngsters, educators and friends who keep our dream going on. We are all dreamers of a better future!🤍💡🏆
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