Adriana Ene – România


“Thanks to Isidora and Sanja I had the occasion to find how important it is to choose the right words and sentences so that your message ends up where you’re target is. Creative writing workshop completed his first steps with success, from my point of view! I discovered the meaning of Call for action, how to get there, and how to build a creative – provocative event.

And this was only the beginning. It was amazing how our trainer Isadora Janeva led us through images, theoretical and practical activities, in the secret chamber of creativity. How we create sentences, images, and curiosity so that the public would feel eager to read our creations, those were important keywords and information that I had the chance to find out thanks to our trainer’s great skills in training us.

Thank you for the experience and I hope to be a part of other creative writing workshops.”

Adriana Ene – România


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