Ana Jovanovska – Fake news vs Youth work

Thanks to the organization “Youth on Board” I had a chance to be part of the training course held in Zebrzydowice, Poland.
The topic of the training course is one of the most important and most current topics of today – fake news, how to discover them and how to deal with them. In this training course we have gained new knowledge about fake news, history of fake news, goals and purposes of fake news. Among other things we had the opportunity to get to know and work with new tools and techniques for
identifying and dealing with fake news. Through online and offline experiments we were able to create and spread fake news and then post accurate news information. As part of the training course we had a study visit to a beautiful city located where the Poland and the Czech Republic meet. We had the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and tradition of the two countries merged
in one city, meet young people who are part of an Erasmus student exchange in that city and share our experiences
with them. Through teamwork and interactive workshops and games we have connected and made new friendships with
participants from other countries. We have also made a small book and video showing the results of our work, and I hope that the video and the book will be the inspiration for young people to get involved in such projects. This was another great experience for me that I recommend to all young enthusiasts.

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