Angela Ristova – From Zero to Hero

The organization Youth on Board gave me the opportunity to be part of the Erasmus Plus program for the first time by participating in the “From Zero to Hero“ project.
We shared the experience of worldwide viciousness with young people from seven countries participating in this project held in Portugal. We had the opportunity to discuss and share official data from our own countries, while at the same time hearing about developments in other countries on this problem.

Living in a modern world of rapid technology development, we are confronted with a visible and enormous problem in the young population, the vices. The vices lure the young, they have become a constant shadow over them. If we want to live and thrive in the right direction, we need a healthy youth, ready for all challenges.

Participating in this project enabled me to make new friendships, see the world from a different perspective, get to know new cultures and the opportunity for me and my team to be worthy ambassadors of our country!     
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