Bálint Horváth -“Branded Leaders – Strong Entities”

After a terrible delay with the flight, on the 2nd of June, we finally arrived at our destination, which in this case was North Macedonia, Shtip. After dinner, we had a welcoming meeting and everyone went straight to bed to get some rest. Normally, from morning till afternoon, we had indoor activities, such as workshops, meetings and physical games, where we discussed primarily our main topic Branded Leaders – Strong Entities. An extremely professional lawyer, who kept us preoccupied. In the middle of the week, the cultural night was hosted by every one of the nations. All of us had brought snacks, souvenirs and even traditional dishes from their country, which we were able to try out. I had never participated in an Erasmus+ program before, however, my friends had, therefore they initiated me about this specific night about what to bring. This project showed me the differences in my country, the mentality and the customs between the youth. For instance, I was flabbergasted, when I perceived that the locals go to a bar to have a coffee at 11 pm. The facilitators helped us with any type of problem that we had occurred to. I am immensely grateful that I was able to participate.

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