Blagica Postolova – Democracy in the EU and Beyond 2.0

I was thinking of ways how to spend my winter holidays and I decided that my best option is to go on Erasmus+ project. That’s why I participated in a project in Gheorgheni, Romania and the name of the project was “Democracy in EU and Beyond”.

What I liked most about this project was the thing that we were separated in ministries and that way everyone was included in the decision-making process and everyone had a specific job to do. In my opinion, this method was the best way for us to learn about how democratic society looks like. We learned a lot about this topic through interesting and entertaining activities and I think that everyone was thirsty for more knowledge.

Besides that, I also loved learning more about other cultures. The group of participants was awesome and I enjoyed to hear their life stories. We also had the opportunity to meet the locals. Each one of us went to dinner in a family and I think that this was the most interesting night for everyone.

I also want to mention Gheorgheni, where the project was held, a lovely city with a lot of friendly people. It was a true winter wonderland. This week in Gheorgheni was one of the best in my life and It was a huge experience for me. I can’t wait for my next Erasmus+ project!

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