Branislav Dimov – Connect to Disconnect

Hi, my name is Branislav. I was in Senta-Serbia on the Erasmus+ project with the organization “Youth on Board” and I’ll tell you about my experience.
This was my first erasmus+ project and it was an interesting experience for me. The name of the project was “Connect to Disconnect” and it was about spreading information on the internet, and learning how to recognize fake information from real ones. It was an amazing experience for me because we met so many people from different countries and we have so much fun working together as a team. The activities we had to do throughout the day were fun and mostly worked together on something in teams. Some of the activities that I will never forget were the outdoor ones because we played some mini-games and at the same time we were learning about the topic, also we had a surprise boat trip that I’ll never forget. Also, we had a trip to a different city, Subotica and we had an amazing time there.
Also, the hotel, staff, and most important the organization were amazing and everything was good.
That was something short I can tell you about the whole experience, and I definitely will go on more erasmus+ projects.

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