Brigita Zelic – Inclusive Space-Democracy Shape

Through participating in the “TC-INCLUSIVE SPACE-DEMOCRACY SHAPE ” and the participants were able to think on the topic of democracy, civic engagement and involvement in society. The participants were from Poland, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Macedonia and Croatia and through different activities, presentations, discussions and debates we had the opportunity to learn about different forms of democracy in each of the individual countries. Through getting to know other societies and cultures we realized some key values for democracy, such as maintaining motivation, managing and coping with stressful situations, critical thinking, developing human and civil knowledge rights for better involvement in society and social responsibility. In this training, besides learning new skills, I would emphasize meeting new people and a new outlook on life that stays in your memory forever. Our journey was interesting, unexpected, good and educational. We rounded up the whole trip with a beautiful day spent in Skopje. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!

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