Bube Postolova-“Еxpanding Professional Routes” – Constancia, Portugal

As a young person, who just finished High School and is figuring out my life, being able to learn about all the different opportunities I have was such a blast.
The project “Expanding professional routes” took place in Constância, a beautiful small town in Portugal with lovely people.
Motivated, hopeful, inspired, proud, excited-these are just a crumb of all the emotions I had when this project ended. Spending time with people from around the world, who may have very similar but in the same way very different points of view, and learning and having fun together is a winning combination for priceless memories.
When learning about the topic of the project, we dug into all the different programmes under the Erasmus+ umbrella. Who can apply? Outcome? Duration? Financial support? How to apply? We found the answers to all these questions by researching and sharing our experiences up to this point.
Besides the more theoretical part of the project, we also learnt about the local culture, but also the culture of the other countries that were participating. We went canoeing, visited a museum for tropical butterflies, explored Constância, met some locals, and of course, enjoyed the amazing Portugal weather.
Big thanks to Youth on Board, for giving us such amazing opportunities for self-improvement and travelling.
Till next time!

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