CITIZENSHIP – Youth Exchange 27.11-05.12.2019

Dear contributors,

It is our pleasure to inform that our project “Citizenship” was approved from our NA. The project will bring 30 youngsters from:  Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey and Spain in our beautiful town of Shtip.

The project “Cityzenship” aims to re-contextualize ‘citizenship’, personal, and community identification, as inclusive, unifying, and localized concepts. Project activities will affect the boundaries of group inclusion and identification to reflect the importance of residency, community, interests, equality and self-identification. Project activities focus on the development of young peoples’ openness, tolerance, ability to uphold, be respectful and tolerant towards multiple cultures, origins, cultural and personal affinities and perceptions.

The participants will have a chance to gain new knowledge and experience related to this topic and in the same time to see the similarities and differences between the communities.

As a final result from this project we will initiate a digital European platform where we will host at least 100 youths ‘citizenship stories’. More details coming soon!!! Stay tuned …

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