Creative Station: The Best Is Yet To Come!

Creative Station

Despite the hardships brought upon us due to COVID-19 as a new organization, Creative Station got off to an amazing start. We successfully started building up our creative team by organizing numerous online discussions, workshops, and activities.

In our most recent activity, “Do you speak English”, we held an online presentation challenging some of our members to learn something new and out of their comfort zone. And before that, we held our first in-person activity, in which we kicked it off with a training session for CVs and interviews. At this training session, we realized the great potential of our members. This made the members of Creative Station excited because our main goal is to “get the ball rolling” in our community. To push the youth to pursue their goals, develop themselves, and most importantly be active in the community. We are pursuing this goal with the main aspect being, creativity and its stimulation. To “push the wheels on the tracks” and allow our team to think proactively and use their imagination.

During this year our team constantly grew with new members ready to conquer the world. Starting with just 5 people, our team now has over 60 members with creative thoughts and new ideas ready to be implemented. We plan to award certificates, before the end of this year, to members who have shown great amounts of creativity, initiative, and consistently participated in our events. We recommend all youngsters who are eager to participate and are filled with ideas to join our organization. In 2021 we strive to make our team even bigger and better. And take greater steps towards our main goal by allowing our members to organize and hold their own events as well as encouraging them to do so. We will be rewarding the members who hold their own events with a certificate.

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