Founded in 2020, Creative Station is a youth driven non-profit branch organization of Youth on Board, based in the University town of Shtip, North Macedonia, striving to promote youth development and creativity. Run by youths, for youth, we plan to hold debates to raise awareness about problems concerning the youth and their community and exploring possible solutions to those problems through creative thinking. We plan to hold events for personal development and through non-formal education, we strive to educate the youth on important professional skills.

 We believe in the power of education to transform young people’s lives, families and communities for the better.Our focus is to lead the youth, starting from our community to becoming better leaders with their confidence and benevolence, active citizens and have a bigger and more important role in their community.

You will be getting more information about this amazing initiative, with the first events to be announced soon. As the Youth On Board core team, we are absolutely amazed that we have enthusiastic, driven and ambitious young people, working for a better future for all. We hope you join our youngsters in their upcoming journey!

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