Creative Station

Creative Station

Welcome to the page of Creative Station – the official youth-led non-profit branch organization of Youth on Board. Our vision encompasses leading the youth of tomorrow in becoming more creative, developing their characters, and engaging them in their local community.

Founded in 2020, Creative Station is based in the University town of Shtip, North Macedonia, striving to promote youth development and creativity. One of it’s remarkable and unique qualities is that is completely run by young people – and run for young people. Creative Station plans to initiate debates to raise awareness about problems concerning the youth and their community. Additionally, we would like to explore possible solutions to those problems through creative thinking. We plan to hold events for personal development and through non-formal education, we strive to educate the youth on important professional skills.

We believe in the power of education to transform young people’s lives, families, and communities for the better.

Our focus is to lead the youth to become better leaders – boost their confidence and transform them into even more kind and active citizens. This way, we can ensure that our young people can have a bigger and more important role in their local community.

General goals and tasks of the branch are:

  • Decentralized education with modern and interactive methods and content that stimulates the youths.
  • Increasing the scope and quality of cultural, sports, volunteering, and other activities for young people in their spare time.
  • To increase the attractiveness of cultural events in youths through increased involvement and consultation of young people in their planning and implementation.
  • Support for cultural engagement, creativity, and greater inclusion of young people in cultural activities.
  • Creating and implementing youth policy at all levels, through a sectoral approach, addressing youth needs and interests, supporting and promoting youth organization, establishing measures and recommendations related to youth and youth activities, enhancing and participating in youth public life and informing them at all levels. Through various activities, we will enrich the knowledge and socialization of young people and create a positive atmosphere.
  • Networking with local, national, and international youth organizations.
  • Participation in various projects and opportunities for professional development through European and World mobility, volunteering, and training programs.
  • Improving the quality of life of young people by organizing debates and discussions on topics that directly affect young people.
  • Acting in the light of current global challenges such as climate change, ecology, migration, unemployment, religion
  • Frequency of the informal education process.
  • Increasing the awareness of young people about the need to develop their personal characteristics.
  • Inclusion of socially vulnerable categories in the process of non-formal education.

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