Creative Writing Online Workshop

Creative Writing Online Workshop

Youth on Board’s first online workshop was all about #CreativeWriting. Together with our 38 participants from 28 countries, we embarked on a journey where we discovered useful methods, vocabulary, and discussed writing practices. During our 3 sessions, we had the privilege of meeting talented people of all ages who were eager to learn more about writing. With times of uncertainty, there comes an opportunity for growth.And we grew together, virtually with the help of the ZOOM Platform.

As an organization, we successfully developed a full online workshop to adapt to current realities. Our hope for the future is to implement this workshop in person, with another group of enthusiastic participants – just like our first one.
We would like to express our utmost gratitude to our group – their creativity, engagement, and effort during this workshop deserve nothing less than words of praise. All of the participants received a Certificate of Successfull completion at the end of the workshop!

CWOW is made up of 3 modules:

module1 new
  • What is the structure of a written text?
  • What is a CALL TO ACTION and how to use it?
  • How do you write posts for social media and blogs?
  • Exercises and Examples
module 2 new
  • The SHOW DON’T TELL method
  • What are phrases and how do we use them?
  • Why are phrases important for a text?
  • Context Keeper – Sentence Transformation
  • Exercises and Examples.
module 3 new
  • Storytelling Basics
  • Freytag’s Pyramid
  • See The Story
  • Grammar helper tools
  • Exercises and Examples

Why is Creative Writing so important?

The Team: Sanja & Isidora

Project Coordinator



“Thanks to Isidora and Sanja I had the occasion to find how important it is to choose the right words and sentences so that your message ends up where you’re target is.”

Adriana Ene – România

“I have been longing for an opportunity to attend a  training on creative writing to enhance my writing skills, so when I saw the call for application from Youth on Board, I jumped at it.”

Ismaila Salawu – Nigeria

“I’m deeply thankful to both Isidora and Sanja (and all Youth on Board team!) for the amazing opportunity to be part of CWOW.”

Margarida Santos Dias – Portugal

“Thanks to our trainer Isidora and the president of Youth on Board, Sanja, we experienced a great workshop. I really didn’t think it would add anything to me, I just thought I would get some information about Creative Writing.”
Mehmet Akgönül – Turkey

“I have always been interested in following a creative writing course mainly because a large part of my job entails writing reports and filling in applications.”

Shirley Debono – Malta

“”Taking part in the CWOW training has been a very engaging experience! That you already had some specialisation in writing or not, the training has provided very useful tips that can help association to use writing in a more creative and catchy way.”
Marta Potenza – Italy

“Using dynamic exercises, giving tools, methods and techniques used in domains as social media content, professional email writing, literature
original creation, the workshop was a great occasion to sharpen the sweetness of our writings.”
David Carapinha – Portugal

“Isidora and Sanja, our trainers, prepared a great online workshop, and in only 3 sessions gave us a lot of tools to improve our writing, tips> to make it more engaging and fun, and boost the confidence and morale of all the amazing participants.”
Luisa Bussu – Italy
“It was a really useful workshop. Even though it was online, I could learn a lot about creativity, which will allow me to improve my writing skills. An enjoyable experience!”
Javier Cosio Larrante – Spain

“It was a great chance for me, the right moment, because I have recently started to write articles in a travel site. This workshop, and Isidora’s knowledge and instructions proved really helpful for me.”

Maria Christodoulou – Greece

“Not only concentrated in information, but interactive and refreshingly useful, with loads to learn about writing under pressure while searching the depths of our minds, memories and souls!….”

Emanuela Ciolacu – Romania

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