The 1st Session of #CWOW

The #CreativeWritingOnlineWorkshop has officially been completed with participants from Macedonia🇲🇰, Portugal🇵🇹, Nigeria🇳🇬, Turkey🇹🇷, Spain🇪🇸, Italy🇮🇹, Egypt🇪🇬, Romania🇷🇴, Poland🇵🇱, Serbia🇷🇸, Greece🇬🇷, Ireland🇮🇪, Lithuania🇱🇹, Malta🇲🇹, Tunisia🇹🇳, Iraq🇮🇶, Germany🇩🇪, Hungary🇭🇺, Latvia🇱🇻, Slovenia🇸🇮, United Kingdom🇬🇧, Albania🇦🇱, Czech Republic🇨🇿, Azerbaijan🇦🇿, Belgium🇧🇪 and Georgia 🇬🇪.

Youth on Board’s first online workshop was all about #CreativeWriting. Together with our 38 participants from 28 countries, we embarked on a journey where we discovered useful methods, vocabulary, and discussed writing practices.

During our 3 sessions, we had the privilege of meeting talented people of all ages who were eager to learn more about writing. With times of uncertainty, there comes an opportunity for growth.

As an organization, we successfully developed a full online workshop to adapt to current realities. Our hope for the future is to implement this workshop in person, with another group of enthusiastic participants – just like our first one.
We would like to express our utmost gratitude to our group – their creativity, engagement, and effort during this workshop deserve nothing less than words of praise. Soon, you will be able to read some of their work published on our website.


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