Darko Barbarejski – The EU: Yesterday, today and tomorrow – Treviso

One of my goals for summer this year was to go on my first Erasmus+ exchange, and with the project “The EU: Yesterday, today and tomorrow” in Treviso, Italy, I have finally reached that goal. I embarked on this journey with a lot of excitement and expectations for both the project and myself as a part of it. The travelling and cultural exchange parts of it broadened my horizons more than I knew it would, and seeing the landmarks and scenery of Venice and Treviso, as well as feeling their atmosphere, gave me a sense of spiritual fulfilment. As for the project itself, it wasn’t much more than…fine. The topics of discussion caught my attention at first but the way we approached them was at times too reminiscent of formal education – in other words, it was boring to just learn facts about the EU, and very little of that stuck in my memory. There were some activities that weren’t too bad and the experiences and knowledge of the other participants were fascinating to hear. Overall, I had an interesting new experience. I think every young person who wants to see what kind of different places and people there are beyond the borders of our small country should try going on an Erasmus+ project.

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