David Manev – YE in Portugal

“A Gap in Europe” was my first ever Erasmus+ project, I’m very thankful to Youth On Board for putting their trust in me and allowing me to go on both the APV and the project itself. The project took place in Olhao, Portugal and had participants from Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. I was very fortunate to meet new people and hear about their culture, language and their life overall. The project itself was very well planned and there wasn’t a single moment where I can say that I was bored. Thanks to this project I got more aware of myself, of the things that surround me and how to deal with them. We also had a session about mindfulness which was very helpful and fun. The people that I met there were just wonderful and I’m definitely going to remember them for the rest of my life. Overall the whole experience was unforgettable, from finding the plane tickets to actually flying there, exploring other countries on the way to Portugal, eating local food, experiencing not only the Portuguese culture but other cultures as well. Once again I want to thank Youth on Board for allowing me to experience all of that and I will definitely remain to be a part of this wonderful organization.

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