Despina Trajkova – YE in Greece

Erasmus is one of those adventures which cannot be forgotten, as it was my third exchange in Greece. Going on exchange is a real chance for meeting new people, different cultures, try new food and your personal growth too. A unique exchange that made me learn so many things about “Digital Transformation” was something that I won’t ever forget. Spending time with so different people and characters, listening to their opinions and learning at the same time is something that you can experience just in Erasmus. All that creativity, teamwork, fun and respect for others in one place is just unbelievable. I learned so much about online business, online marketing, social media and how to promote your product good. I tried new food and visited really beautiful places. Exploring the nature of Nea Kallikrateia was
something that I really enjoyed. Playing volleyball on the beach with music and people from other countries after lunch just hits different! Thanks to the Youth on Board my dreams are coming true! I would definitely recommend this to other students and I can’t wait to go on another Erasmus+ project!


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