Despina Trajkova – YE in Poland

“New project about “Creative Recycling” in Milków, Poland”-was the sentence that started my first Erasmus experience. Starting from travelling and seeing 3 cities and 2 tourist attractions to meeting new people, new cultures, new opinions, new characters, making new friends and learning new words in different languages is just unforgettable satisfaction. Spending 10 days with so many open-minded people from Lithuania, Romania, Hungary and Poland makes me see everything from another point of view. I left my comfort zone and built my confidence, learned so much about other cultures, made friends with who I am still in contact, now I even have a new music taste and new habits. There were so many challenges and games that helped us to learn a lot about recycling and creativity, how to make something new from old clothes,
plastic, glass, paper and other recycling things which was for me the most fun part of the project. I learned new traditional dances and songs, tried new traditional food and even exchanged mugs and Macedonian money with Lithuanian and Romanian for souvenirs. It was a fantastic experience and I am so thankful to the Youth on Board that allowed me to be part of this project and believed in me that I will be responsible and I will represent our country.
Now I am more into travelling and it motivates me to discover and explore
more and I want to be part of another Erasmus exchange again. As they say- “Once Erasmus, always Erasmus.”…


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