DIGI entrepreneurs projec

Our DIGI entrepreneurs project is having a great start.
If you are a digital entrepreneur or wish to become one, this project will give you the insides for a perfect start.
Last week our expert team meet online in order to discuss the innovative training program for future digital entrepreneurs which will be one of the main results of this project named “How to become a digital entrepreneur?”
What should you expect from this program:
Theoretical Modules: data analyst, digital marketing, digital skills and e-leadership, entrepreneurial culture, data protection for businesses, digital business environment, data protection, a prototype of the business idea, and mentorship module.
Sessions through which the participants will work on their business ideas. In addition, a combination of different methods – from formal and nonformal education will be included in the training program.
Physical training in Shtip where you can meet with the experts.
The key to success is to start before you are ready!


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