Dino Bašović-“Branded Leaders – Strong Entities”

We are purely consisted of a thin layer known as emotion, enhanced by the soul previously dwelled within the spirit given to us by the one who knows everything whereas We, the people, should utilize the given knowledge to conduct good deeds seeking justice and reconciliation by avoiding unfairness, bias judgment and/or any type of discrimination.
Aren’t we the expected leaders or merely trespassers like simple notions and thoughts flying through the cortex of membrane hitting synapses stronger than any words spoken by any spokesperson alive since our mind is the most amazing universe within the universe we, the people, are living in and trying to strive by achieving the goals we previously have deeply thought about and planned the safest route to achieve it without keeping the most important that we do need to take huge risks in our lives so that the aim becomes more appealing and fruits of hard labour much sweeter and fruitful?

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