If you just turned 18 or you will in the upcoming months, then this action is just for you! 🎉🧳✈️DiscoverEU🇪🇺  offers young people who are 18 years old a chance to have a short-term individual or group experience travelling across Europe by rail or other modes of transport where necessary. We are happy to inform you that Youth on Board received a grant that will support around 20 youngsters to participate in DiscovedEU initiative.🇲🇰✈️🇪🇺
The objectives are to:
✅️give young people the chance to learn about Europe but also to discover Europe’s opportunities for their future education and life choices;
✅️equip young people with knowledge, life skills and competencies of value to them;
encourage connection and intercultural dialogue between young people;
✅️foster the young people’s sense of belonging to the European Union;
inspire young people to embrace sustainable travel in particular and environmental conscience in general
It’s going to be a great year for our youngsters 💡💫
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