Dona Shterjova – Yoga for Mental Health

I had the opportunity of my first ever Erasmus+ experience on the project “Yoga for Mental Health” together with “Head Above Water” in Budapest with Baku accordingly. Both projects were in big international capital cities, which made this experience somehow unique and more exciting.
The organization of the first project “Yoga for Mental Health”, was timed precisely, every day was different which lead to having more fun and getting to know each other better. I loved every minute of it. On top of that, I can say that everyone engaged in the aspect of socializing and getting to know each other. Everyone was super open-minded and friendly. After a long time of isolation and social distancing, I can say that we all really needed this kind of project and topic, in order to pay more attention to mental health and self-awareness.
On the second project in Baku, I can say that the trainers were more professional about the topic. I wish we had more open debates to share our own knowledge and experience. The food was not delicious, nor enough for everyone. But regardless of that, all the other feelings were positivity and love.
In a conclusion I can say that this experience was much more than what I have been waiting for, it played a big role in my soft skills for the future. The people who took part in both exchanges will remain forever in my memory and my life, and I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to be there and meet them. The energy overall was very calm and positive. I can’t wait for my next Erasmus+ project with many more beautiful souls! 🙂

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