Dragana Nikolova – Resources for inclusion – Ceuta, Spain

My fear of the unknown was defeated… ,,How?” you may ask. One motivational letter… It was time for me to escape my comfort zone and  so I applied. The results? New things, a lot of new things. Long-lasting friendships from all around the world, friends I can hang out with, a different mentality, lifestyle and a mixture of culture and tradition. A different hello, the famous Spanish greeting that involves kissing eachother’s cheeks twice. Even though we carried  different values and traditions we still found a way to connect and become one. We had an unforgettable time. I unveiled  new things about me as well as the world around me. I learned to participate and include myself in activities rather than be a total bystander. I changed for the better. Saw new beauties, new architecture and buildings. Tasted original and incredible cuisine. It’s time… everyday monotony kills.

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