Dragon Dreaming – Make Your Dreams Come True

📢 Our participants were part of the Dragon Dreaming Project in Lithuania 🇱🇹 and through the article below you can read more about what they learned! 👇 👇 👇
📖 Do you have an idea on how to save the world? It’s time to learn how to make it happen!

🤔If you feel that you have an original idea in your mind, it’s time to take action and one of the best methods to do so is the Dragon Dreaming method. More about this unique method is explained by the “Unique Projects” association, which organized the international Erasmus+ youth worker mobility training project “Dragon Dreaming – Make Your Dreams Come True” which was held January 19-24, 2023 in Kaunas and brought together youth workers from 7 different countries🌎

🐲 Dragon Dreaming method – what is it?
The uniqueness of this method is it goes far beyond traditional project management and the methodology consist of a design philosophy that encompasses every aspect of life, based on participatory democracy, ecological sustainability, and social justice. It is a holistic and highly structured method for implementing creative, collaborative, and sustainable projects. 📽

💡 How to learn this method?
The implementation of this international project gathered a competent team of members and two trainers who had perfected the method. They explained that the biggest uniqueness of Dragon Dreaming method is that it aims to operate on the win-win-win principle. If you have an idea and want to develop your project successfully, you should check if you ensure the three main principles of the Dragon Dreaming methodology: Personal growth / Strengthening the community / Dedication to the earth. ⚙️

⁉️What do you need for your dream to become a reality?
The Dragon Dreaming methodology consists of 4 main stages:
1. Planning.
2. Dreaming.
3. Action.
4. Feedback.


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