Elena Doneva – Protect Yourself

This was my first collaboration with Youth on Board and my first ERASMUS + experience. I spent December 9th-18th in Milkow, Poland. The purpose of my departure was to participate in the Protect Yourself project. There I gained more knowledge about the topic of the project through numerous discussions, teamwork and presenting our ideas for the topic. We exchanged our views about the topic, shared our past experiences and previous knowledge.

We made a website for more education about sexually transmitted diseases, we have actively posted new information on our official Facebook page and Instagram profile. We shared all the information we gained on the project with the locals in the city of Karpacz, Poland.

Besides social media, we devised posters and flyers that we distributed to the locals. The educational purpose that brought this down, we had the opportunity to have fun. In the evenings we were introduced to the different cultures of these five countries – their dance, traditional food, and drinks. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to attend this training course, to make many friendships and new experiences.

In the future, I would like to participate in more such exchanges, as this is the best way to improve my English and to see different things in the world.

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