Elena Panova – EU yesterday, today, tomorrow

EU yesterday, today, and tomorrow was my first project as an Erasmus student and my first time visiting Poland. I was a little bit scared because I didn’t know the people but I am glad that I participated. It was great the project was amazing I loved every activity that we did. The people were amazing, talkative, friendly and ready to make you comfortable talking to them. The project was educative and had a lot of topics that were important and we had a lot of debates about “what is EU for us” or “the future of EU?”. Everyone had a lot of great ideas and they were very interactive. I am sure that we learned a lot more about the EU, the values of the EU and in what way we can help the EU and how it can EU help us to be better citizens. I am very thankful to the Youth on Board for giving me this opportunity to see Poland and make many new friends and many new memories.

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