Elena Panova – The EU: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

This is the second project as a member of this organization and the feeling is amazing. I loved every bit of it. The discussions, the talks, the people and the memories. We had so many activities like learning more about the EU, what are the benefits of the EU and how can we participate in more Erasmus+ projects as a benefit of the EU. Also had a quiz about the EU that our team almost had the lead. The discussions were full of information and were truly interesting. Italy as a member of the EU is full of wonderful places, the people are very friendly and talkative. We learned about the city of Silea and had almost the whole day spent in Treviso, it has an amazing culture and history. We also visited Venice and when I saw it I ran out of words. The floating city told us a different story on a different corner. I can say that Italy has truly impressed me.

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