Emanuela Ciolacu – Romania


“Creative writing”… it sounded interesting when Salto Youth sent me the info for this new and exciting course. On-line, of course, because all the things happening in the world… But even so, still exciting! First, I was very happy to find out I was selected among the participants. There were so many applicants, I wasn’t sure about the outcome of my application.

Second, it was the team of trainers. And what a team that was! Very involved, young, energetic, available for answering all the questions and to help us in every way we needed to go the line and to improve our skills.Further more, the course itself was a treat! Not only concentrated in information, but interactive and refreshingly useful, with loads to learn about writing under pressure while searching the depths of our
minds, memories and souls!…

And finally, the chance to meet people from all around the world, read their stories, learn from each other. That was one amazing experience!

Thank you, guys! Hope to see you again!


Emanuela Ciolacu – Romania


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