We are more than happy to give you some updates about our project FREE YOUR MIND – START NEW LIFE – unfolding Key social competencies of youth at risk of social maladjustment aged 15+”

The aim of the project is, among other

things, to enrich the educational offer with new (innovative at the same time!) methods of work with trainers, which are not yet popular on the European market, as well as topics related to personal, social and professional development, which are attractive to young recipients – contained in the “FREE YOUR MIND” – a comprehensive development programme. Therefore, “equipping” young people aged 15+ with the necessary knowledge and soft competencies needed to manage their personal potential to navigate the labour market independently and effectively, thereby overcoming skills mismatch and exclusion, is considered necessary and desirable by the partnership.

Our team will prepare a brand new TOOLBOOK FOR YOUNG PEOPLE with 30 activities. It will be a set of supportive exercises to be done on one’s own. (different types of short exercises with accessible instructions). In this way, the material in the toolbook will support young people in taking their first steps towards change on their own and will support young people after the workshop with the trainers.

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