GameExchange: Celebrating Erasmus+


Celebrating the program that changes lives and opens the mind – Erasmus has been an integral part of the lives of thousands of young people across Europe. Our organization is doing exactly that: with the help of our event GameExchange!

Three days are dedicated to the celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe: 15, 16 & 17 October 2020. Just last year, there were 3 995 events organized in 53 countries (and Youth on Board was one of them)! Through Erasmus, a vast number of young people have gained knowledge and awareness about critical topics and have formed bonds that last a lifetime.

This is why we feel that it’s important to highlight this incredible opportunity and show its benefits through the lens of Erasmus+ program participants. We proudly announce The Erasmus Game-Show live event called GameExchange that is organized by Youth On Board. Through our GameExchange, we want to put a spotlight on the best & on the most challenging moments during the program, ask questions about participant’s experiences and play games – all which we hope will inspire at least one youngster to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Date: 16 October 2020 (Friday)

Time: 11:00 CEST

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