Gjorgi Andonovski – Digital Multitasking, Spain

My name is Gjorgi Andonovski, I am 18 years old. Thanks to “Youth on Board,” I was able to participate in this youth exchange. My Erasmus experience in Iscar, Spain, exceeded my expectations. Green Digital Multitasking was a very interesting topic. We worked in international groups on our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).To be honest, I was honoured and delighted to be a part of this project. This project assisted me in making the right decisions by instilling self-confidence and self-esteem. I’m personally grateful to whoever created this project because it helped me a lot, and I believe the Erasmus program has a lot of benefits that I recommend to others advantage of this program. They will not lose anything, but they will gain new experiences, such as studying differently, learning more about non-formal education, and exchanging ideas, knowledge, and contacts with many new friends from other countries. Erasmus + allows you to share your experiences with others, such as knowledge about different cultures, language reinforcement, and many other experiences outside of the faculty space. The benefits are numerous, including improved English language speaking skills, an expanded social circle with friends from all over the world, training for independent decision-making, increased self-confidence, opportunities to visit new countries and cultures, and the evocation of experiences that will remain among your most beautiful memories. Staying there allowed me to not only promote myself but also Macedonian culture and tradition. My personal satisfaction as a member of the Erasmus family justifies every passing day. This was an unforgettable experience that I must repeat with other amazing and unique people.

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