Helena Zografoska – “EU: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” Italy

“The EU yesterday, today tomorrow” but this time in Silea, Italy was my second Erasmus+ project. Me and another three participants from NGO “Youth on Board” had the ability to participate in this project that lasted four days. The first activity was a speech by the Head of Office at the European Parlament Liaison Office. After that, we discussed with the Mayor of the city of Silea and talked about ” What is EU for YOU?”. Also, we were doing Kahoot about EU. In our free time, we visited Treviso and saw its beauty. The next day was full of workshops with the participants from Macedonia, Poland and Italy, about topics such as the future of Europe, the war in Ukraine, the benefits of being in EU/not being in the EU and what we bring to EU. I really enjoyed this project because I gained many new perspectives about the EU, broadened my knowledge and made many new connections.

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