Helena Zografoska – EU yesterday, today, tomorrow

The EU yesterday, today, tomorrow” was my first Ersamus+ project and I’m very happy for the ability to participate, thanks to NGO Youth on Board. It took place in Starachowice, Poland. Our days were filled with activities such as debating, meeting new people and making hundreds of memories. Firstly there was a debate about the future of Europe between the representatives of each country that was taking part in this project and later we were divided into groups to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being a member/ nonmember of the EU. I really liked this project because through the questions “What does the EU do for you?” and “What do you do for the EU” I gained massive knowledge about the EU’s values and how we can be more active as a youth. Another thing that I loved was how many new friends I made during this project and also the Polish cuisine was very delicious, especially the dumplings. I am very grateful that I was a part of this project because it was truly amazing.

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