Hristijan Jankov – YE in Poland

Your life, your choice” was my second Erasmus project
that took place in Milkow, Poland. Again I am very thankful to Youth on Board for the wonderful opportunity they gave me and also for sending me on my second youth exchange. The project took place in Milkow, Poland, and had participants from Romania, Hungary, and Poland. On this project, I have gained a variety of skills that will stick with me forever. The main topic of this exchange was a healthy lifestyle. I learned that in some cases, I had to believe in my capacity to face and solve any problems that I encountered. Despite being quite uncomfortable and sometimes frustrated, I had more self-confidence and knew what to do in the future. Gained international and intercultural competencies, as well as cultural awareness. Dealing with several cultures could help me to be more tolerant and understanding and also how be open-minded towards other people. All in all the whole experience was unforgettable, from trying out yoga for the first time, exploring the different cities in Poland, and making friends that could last a lifetime.

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