Iskra Andonova – YE in Greece

A lifetime experience in amazing and sunny Greece alongside a group of great young people from all over Europe. Many thanks to the Youth on board for the opportunity to be part of this Erasmus+ project in Nea Kalikratia and to be able to learn more about different cultures, make connections and try delicious food. This journey encouraged me to broaden my horizons, get out of my comfort zone and helped me learn how to negotiate according to a situation I was facing at the moment. Tips and tricks about interviews, how to prepare a business plan and presenting it in front of the investors were also part of the multiples sessions that participants organized. I had the chance to discover how much a young person is required to be competent and experienced for the market but also the importance of soft skills. In the middle of the project, a wonderful time was spent exploring the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, walking by the seaside and enjoying the sun. Very proud to say that during the whole project, each one of the participants was using one plastic cup in order to be sustainable and contribute to the good of our planet.


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