Ivan Georgiev – YE in Poland

“Your life, your choice” was my second Erasmus youth exchange and it took place in Milkow, Poland. The main topic of the exchange was a healthy lifestyle, something not a lot of people pay enough attention to. The journey started on April 28th and it lasted for 8 days. Every day was fulfilled with activities and games where at the end of every activity we were concluding new things that can better our health and everyday life. Not only that, but we also got the opportunity to meet people from different countries and exchange thoughts and beliefs and also make new friendships with those people. It was very fun getting to hear about the habits and the way people from different cultures see and do things. I feel like at this age there is nothing better than exploring the beautiful places that this world has, and making a lot of friends during that process. I was able to experience this thanks to Youth on Board. The organization really helps young enthusiasts live through this amazing experience.

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