Janka Nemes-Tóth -“Branded Leaders – Strong Entities”

In the last few weeks, many people have asked me what Erasmus+ is. And I always have a problem with describing it in a few sentences, because it’s impossible. You get on a plane in Budapest, you travel through the countryside in North Macedonia with 4 completely unknown people, and so much happens that you don’t even realize it. Arriving in Shtip, you can finally breathe and ask yourself, “What am I actually doing here and what is happening to me?” You will only understand what Erasmus+ is after a few days. Then, you feel like time stops and you’re out of real life for the youth exchange. After a few days, the 4 unknown Hungarians offer shelter like an Erasmus family, if you have a cold, run out of water, didn’t like dinner or just want a little peace. Of course, everyone is homesick, by the fifth day you would much rather sleep in your own bed, but when you get home, you still wish you could spend a few more days with them. You get to love people incredibly quickly and have to leave incredibly quickly. At home, you only have a dozen shared memories and inside jokes with people you may never see again. If, however, you do, you will be happy to greet them at the gym, or in the shopping centre and tell others that “Yes, they were there with me in North Macedonia.”

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