Jovan Nechovsk – “The European Union: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” Italy

Another meeting within the project “The European Union: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” is behind us! This time the project activities took place in the Italian city of Treviso. During the meeting, our association was represented by Jovan, Elena, Darko, and Helena, who took part in the trip by winning a poster/movie/photo contest representing the future of the EU through the eyes of young people. Thanks to this meeting, our participants had the chance to visit more than they could expect. The Macedonian team began their stay in Italy with a visit to the amazing city of Venice.
The next city visited by the Macedonian group was Treviso, where all activities directly related to the project took place. The first day started with an event in which representatives of the project partners also participated. During the meeting, the topic of European values, youth policy, activities and challenges facing the EU were discussed. The topic of youth was particularly present during a conversation with a former member of the youth council there. The EU knowledge competition was also held on this day, in which Macedonia ranked in high places. After the event, the whole group went on a tour of the city together. On the next day, the participants of the project had a chance to hear about the history, functioning, and institutions of the EU.
In addition, a simulation of the European Parliament deliberations was carried out – each participant took on the role of representative of a certain EU country and then had to speak on his behalf and vote on the issue.

Thanks to these meetings our participants learned a lot.

As a part of this amazing project, we still have a meeting in Macedonia and a summary conference in Poland.

The mentioned activities are carried out as part of funds from Europe for Citizens program. #EuropaDlaObywateli #RozprawyOEuropie #ROE #YouthOnBoard #ETVTreviso

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