Kiril Jordanov

Kiril Jordanov

Kiril Jordanov, Economist– President and Coordinator of Youth on Board Kiril Jordanov is an advisor for public procurement and Coordinator for implementation of the strategy for youth in the Local government in Shtip. He is also a private advisor for financial-legal and administrative procedures. Kirill has a professional background in domestic and international projects as an organizer and applicant.

He also has been a participant, leader, trainer and expert in many project implementations. Kiril’s educational background is in economics and finance for more than 8 years. He is also constantly working as a youth worker, project developer, project coordinator and in project

Looking back at the beginnings of his work in the field of youth, we go back to 2013 where Kiril become the vice president of the Youth council of the Local government. During the period engaged with youngsters and youth workers, developing and realizing programs and projects for youngsters with different backgrounds he gained a lot of knowledge, experiences and skills. A challenge for Kiril now in terms of youth is to work in non-formal and Informal education, capacity building, structure dialog between youngsters and decision makers, developing programs and projects, supporting young initiatives, working as a trainer, coach or expert, youth researcher and analyst. All of the above listed challenges he is now realizing through the organization Youth On Board with the help of his wonderful teams. Kiril’s vision is to live in a society where the youth is a strong structure with huge influence on the social flows. Only willing youngsters lead to a successful future. Let’s make our world a perfect place to live in. „Follow your passions and the things that make you feel alive. There is no bigger pleasure to love what you do and to finish the day tired but full with energy. Life is about making an impact and leaving something behind. If every one of us strives to be at least a slightly better person than the day before, the world would be a much better place to live in!“

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