Konstantina Mihailova – YE in Czech Republic

Honestly, I don’t know where to start because there are a lot of positive things about this project. This was my first Erasmus+ project, and for sure not last. Thanks to the Youth on board, I had the chance to experience my best trip ever and meet amazing people that filled a special place in my heart. From this project, “My firm, my soul”, I gained knowledge in the field of business, developed my organizational skills and increased my awareness of unemployment in Europe. I also learned a lot about other cultures, cuisines and traditions but the most important thing is that I got out of my comfort zone and exceeded a part of my anxiety. Everyone was saying that Erasmus+ experiences are something different, but now I can completely agree with that from my point of view. Before this project, I never thought I would be able to overcome these challenges on my own. Now I see myself way wiser, and way better all because of this experience. Aside from all knowledge, the friendships were something that I’ll never forget. From the very first day, I felt like I’m home all because of the warmness of the people. Even after all these words, it’s not enough to catch the Erasmus project’s importance. Erasmus isn’t something to describe, Erasmus is something to experience. Once you return to your country, you won’t be the same person with the same thoughts. You have to experience it!

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