Leadership program

Leadership program

Our programs give young people the tools, skills and confidence to make a difference and create maximum impact on the things they care about most. We’ve developed a hands-on approach to skills development that includes deeper levels of learning and leadership training.

Service-learning and leadership training helps youth in middle, high school and University students, develop deep understanding of the service in combination with leadership skill building. Encompassing both hard and soft skill building, training modules include content on bias and stereotype, project management, community needs mapping and evaluation. Through training, young people learn what it means to plan and execute projects that are impactful for the community and themselves.

Why do get involved in this program?

1. Increased Productivity

By training your leaders in effective leadership skills, you can increase the productivity of your workforce. Leaders are there to provide direction to staff and ensure they are performing at or above expectations.

In the case of a shortfall, the leaders you’ve trained will have the ability to assess problems, manage situations, and provide sensible solutions.

2. Develop Better Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the main personality traits that makes for a great leader. Understanding how emotions affect others ensures that people lead efficiently and considerately.

Leadership training programs put a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence because it leads to more successful outcomes.

3. Project Leadership

Without sufficient project leadership skills, leaders will likely struggle to handle all aspects of a project. This lack might cause the project to go off course and end in substantial losses to the business. Staff morale is also likely to decrease due to incorrect guidance and magnified stress.

By teaching effective leadership skills, your leaders will be able to better manage their teams and complete projects efficiently and on schedule. This increased efficiency will boost your overall productivity and result in greater profits.

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Creative hemisphere 22.04.2019

Being creative means solving a problem in a new way. It means changing your perspective and finding the similarities and differences between two completely random ideas.
Creativity is actually a tool through which the young person can express their inner state in a wide variety of ways, with thankfulness, respect, dissatisfaction…
Encourage the creative way of thinking inside and act around!
Being creative means you’re thinking.💡
Тhis workshop was inspired by the creativity of our young people who through interesting exercises and activities worked on their creativity and inspiration. 12 youngsters worked on science-backed creativity tools that helped them to open their lost creativity, get out of the comfort zone and have plenty of fun doing it.

Volunteering – What does it mean to be active 26.03.2019

Through this event we increased the awareness about volunteering work and the benefits of being a volunteer. Our active members organize a special presentation about how the volunteering can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier.  The new members had a chance to hear more about the volunteering work at our organization and together with our active members they crated  proposals for new educational and social programs.

These days, volunteering is quite common in the communities and other parts of the country. The feelings and experience of volunteering are special and personal. For those who never develop the habit of volunteering, it is important to know some of the benefits that volunteering brings.

How Erasmus + can change your perspective on life? 05.06.2019

We love hearing about the fantastic things alumni are up to after their first Erasmus + experience. We brought  5 youth on board Erasmus alumni and 4 students from Goce Delcev University of Shtip to share their personal Erasmus + story. Our alumni members prepared special games that they learned during the exchange and played together with the participants.

There is no better story then a personal story that is attached to your heart. We also used this opportunity to have a dissemination of the project results and motivate our participants even more.

Ministerial meeting 3-4 June 2019

The 8th Ministerial Meeting of the Western Balkans Platform on Education and Training gathered the Ministers of Education as well as key representatives from the governments, representatives from the European Commission and relevant regional stakeholders.

Our president  Ms. Stefanova had a chance to participate in the Ministerial meeting and to present the improvement of the educational process as a Board member of WBAA . The main focus of the meeting was put on Erasmus + programme and how the whole generation has learned what it means to live and work alongside people from another culture, and to develop the skills and versatility that are vital for the modern labour market.

Coffee meeting 02.09.2019

The first coffee meeting with our future co-workers was great. 28 young enthusiasts accepted the challenge and decided to join the work of our organization. For the most part this was their first volunteering experience and we are glad that they recognized our organization as the largest youth driver in the municipality. In addition to the presentation, we discussed future plans and projects and defined the next steps for better communication and collaboration.

Their ideas and enthusiasm will drive our organization and we look forward to really exciting projects that will be a breakthrough and example of new social change!

See you soon at the next coffee meeting in ever greater numbers!

Tell me a story 08.10.2019

In cooperation with Goce Delcev University of Shtip we celebrated the Erasmus Day 2019. The event gathers more than 100 visitors who came to hear some good Erasmus + story. Our members shared their experience and joined the networking coffee session. The day was fullfed with lot of joy, games, memories and nice photo session.

The event rounded with welcome ceremony for the incoming students who present their university and culture.

First scientific conference for CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES of the Western Balkan Countries

Our organizational coordinator Mr. Kiril Jordanov, was a project owner and coordinator of the First scientific conference for CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES of the Western Balkan Countries. Our members also took a part of this amazing project as a participants and contributed during the sessions.

It was organized by WBAA in cooperation with the Goce Delcev University of Shtip and Youth on Board – took place from the 28th to 30th October 20 in Shtip, North Macedonia. It was attended by 60 students and professors coming from different universities, such as the University of Goce Delcev in Shtip, the State University of Tetovo, the Institute of Chemistry, the Ss Kiril and Methodius University in Skopje, the University of Tirana, the University of Nis, the University of Pristina as well as the University of Sarajevo. As a final output we are proud to present the book of abstracts which contains amazing research papers and poster presentations. The participants emphasized the crucial role of predictable and efficient working in order to improve the environment in Western Balkans Countries.

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