Leticija Popovska – YE in Czech Republic

Erasmus + project in the Czech Republic For a first-time experience, I couldn’t imagine it getting even better. Every single moment was filled with new amazing knowledge and communication. I have learned that it’s okay to stand out because in that way you are free to express yourself in every way. U should never hide your true feelings or thoughts considering your well being. Working with partners from different countries has taught me to adapt and evolve in many ways. It’s much easier to appreciate and accept the special things that make us different and we should always try to help ourselves, even though there may be some difficulties such as language barriers or discrimination. Our project was about building a successful company and being able to see it from everyone’s point of view. Learning to view both the positive and the negative sides of being a successful businessman or entrepreneur. It is much easier to run a company when you have great colleagues who have their own input and want to grow together as a team, just like I was in Hradek. Another amazing thing about the project was the location. It has been a rare possibility to travel to many beautiful countries and see their natural beauty, but what I saw in Czechia was really memorable. Even though there was a different contrast from what we are used to, I will always remember both the sunny and the snowy days in the mountain. I am very grateful for meeting all the amazing people from all over the world and the hosts that helped us with everything we needed and so much more. I hope to collaborate more with these organizations in the future as a representative of the Macedonian team from “Youth on Board” and I am forever waiting for my next adventure.

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