Marija Miteva – YE in Slovenia

Erasmus + program means giving yourself and your mind a break from the monotonous pattern of life, each one of us lives day in and out. There’s no doubt that Erasmus brings you a range of emotions: joy and excitement, but also the feeling that you’re in unknown territory. One thing’s for sure though: Erasmus+ is probably the best thing you can ever do. As a member of Youth on board, I had a chance to be a part of the “United colours of Europe” project in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. This was my first Erasmus project and first is always full of enthusiasm, nervousness, and thoughts constantly running about possible things that might happen on the trip. In addition to the chance I had to learn new techniques on how to improve my mental health, I also had the chance to get to know the beautiful landscapes, lakes and dramatic scenery that this country has. We all had the chance to escape from the stressful everyday life and to nest in a peaceful place that has changed our life and way of thinking a lot. Youth on board allowed us to meet new friends from different countries with whom we shared unforgettable moments, also gave us a break from our busy schedule and made us feel rejuvenated for a new start. All this took away all our stress and anxiety and improved our health and mind. This made us socially stable and confident. It was such a thrilling and adventurous trip.

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