Marija Zhivkovikj – Democracy in the EU and beyond

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to participate in this Erasmus+  project. I had the most wonderful week and met the most friendly and easy-going people. The part of learning about democracy in the EU was done through interesting games and ways that everyone actually was very interested in learning more.

Besides the good friendships made with the other participants we made friends with the local people there from the activities that we did, one was dinner at family’s that all of the participants loved including me the people were so friendly that it didn’t take time at all to connect with them. Besides that the outdoor activities were amazing we went to Red Lake and Cheile Bicazului, canyon, I think that day was one of my favorites cause I simply love nature.

I have to mention the city, Gheorgheni is a city that I would most definitely want to visit again, There are no words to describe the beauty of this place surrounded by nature and with some very beautiful old buildings. I really miss the people I met there and the whole atmosphere of learning and friendship. This awesome experience will always stay with me and that’s why I have to thank Youth on Board for giving me this opportunity.

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