Marina Saneva – Net Art for Tolerance

31.08.2018 Is the day when it all started. A group of six young, creative participants from Macedonia have embarked on a project that was initially fun for us, an opportunity to learn something new and an opportunity to express our creativity. For me this was not the first Erasmus project, but the desire and curiosity to learn something new, to see something different, to meet new people was overwhelming.

We arrived first and we were warmly welcomed by the organizer, as the groups arrived one after another we had the opportunity to meet each of them. Each country, each participant was different, with a different view of the world, culture, thinking. “NetArt of tolerance” or the name of the project we were part of firstly refers to the tolerance that today and not everyone has, NetArt awakened the creativity and artistry in each of us. The daily sessions were fun, relaxed, yet productive. The end product is a fantastic website we created ( that anyone can visit and see read and learn something new about fighting xenophobia Xenophobia today has a large expansion that we are not aware of yet.

I can say that our product is fantastic, it can serve everyone, inform and give us the opportunity to express our creativity.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the organizer of this project who awakened the awareness and creativity in each of us, and also to our organization that allowed me to be a part of this project.

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