Martin Dimitrov-Storify Yourself To Create Togetherness!

01.07.2021 is the day I started my journey to Bulgaria, there were very creative people I met at this project, also very kind and lovely.  For me, this was my second Erasmus+ project and I loved it and enjoyed it again together with new friends, new presentations, and new things to learn. Our arrival at the place was warmly welcomed, and as the groups arrived all together, we started to get to know each other. There were so many different people and different cultures, everything went well. The project was about our stories, thanks to the coaches Nikola, Atanas, and Zlatin we learned a lot more than we knew before, as for me I learned to communicate better and how to keep my attitude.  I can say this project was great and it was something new. I had a wonderful experience, and I am thankful for everything.

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