Martin Milevski – Erasmus + in Romania

So, this being my very first Erasmus+ project, I can say that it was quite cool and special for me and contributed to my growth as a teen. I loved the fact that I was away from home, surrounded by new people that we’re aiming for the same as me, to learn, have fun, meet other people and try to improve on themselves. The people I was there with were quite fun to be around. Everyone coming from different backgrounds really fascinated me and made me even more interested in getting to know them for the time spent in Romania. “Run for Sport – Live for Mentality” as a whole was quite organized and planned out, unlike our sleeping schedule which we sacrificed just so we can be together for the whole project day and night, haha. But, I started being more active when I got back home which is great. I taught a lot of friends on the project some Macedonian phrases and words here and there which was quite fun and difficult at the same time to do. Hearing them randomly say the same phrases in the middle of the day really made me smile. The hardest part was leaving back home, but I still stay in touch with everyone even after the project. It was an experience I’ll never forget!

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